STEMSkills is proud to work with top-flight STEM businesses, government agencies, and higher education institutions. We have partnered with the Virginia Department of Rehabilitation Services and DC Rehabilitation Services.

Outside of our group summer sessions, STEMSkills also offers private sessions.  Please reach out for more information.

Neurodiverse students want to explore STEM careers. STEMSkills helps guide them.

Check out our STEMSkills 2022 Summer Sessions!

Ballston STEMSkills 
July 5,6,7 – Nova Labs Makerspace
July 12 – Nova C.C. SySTEMIC
July 13 – The Kennedy Center: Audio Visual
July 14 – GMU: STEM and Research 1
July 15 – OCTO Consulting: AI, Cyber, Data
July 25 & 26 – Nova Labs Makerspace
July 28 – GMU STEM and Research 1
August 3 – Fresh Impact Farms
August 4 – Jacobs Engineered
August 5 – Hensel Phelps Construction: VR and Tech in Construction