STEMSkills is proud to work with top-flight STEM businesses, government agencies, and higher education institutions. We have partnered with the Virginia Department of Rehabilitation Services and DC Rehabilitation Services.

Outside of our group summer sessions, STEMSkills also offers private sessions. Please reach out for more information.

STEMSkills Ballston Summer Programs, 2 week programs

STEMSkills “A”: June 24-July 5
STEMSkills “B”: July 22-August 2
We will meet at Ballston Metro Monday-Friday from 9:00-1:00ish.
Additionally, Virginia Tech Thinkabit makerspace will help students design and create projects that will be based on technical skills needed for careers.  Also, we will be out in the community checking out different STEM, tech, and arts educational institutions, businesses, and government agencies.  Of course, we get around using the DC Metro system.

STEMSkills/Fairfax County Public Schools, Month-long program

We are very excited to offer a month-long program with FCPS Career and Transition Services and DARS.  We will meet Monday-Thursday (June 24-July 18), 9:00-1:00ish.  We will learn Pre Employment and Transition Services (Pre ETS) skills, work on STEM projects based on career skills with Virginia Tech. Also, we visit STEM, tech, and arts businesses and government agencies and educational institutions in the Washington D.C. metro area.    MUST BE A FCPS STUDENT.

Neurodiverse students want to explore STEM careers. STEMSkills helps guide them.