STEMSkills helps young adults with disabilities build a future in innovative and tech-driven industries.

    • Identify a student’s skills and interests

    • Make the jump from high school to college

    • How to ask for accommodations at school and the workplace

    • Apply for a job and build interview skills

    • Interviews with leaders in various STEM fields (NASA, Microsoft, NWS)

    • And lots more!

STEMSkills Courses

Life in a STEM Work Environment (WBLE)

Life in a STEM Work Environment: Eric will show you how to research and find inclusive businesses, rock a LinkedIn profile, and interview for a potential job.

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High School, Then What? (CPSE/T)

High School, Then What?: Are you ready to start looking for a job? Maybe an apprenticeship would be a good fit for you? Eric will help you start your college search, get the accommodations you need, and more.

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Preparing for the Workplace: What do I Need to Succeed? (WRT)

Preparing for the Workplace: What do I Need to Succeed?: Eric will help you get prepared to find a great job and do great work! Request accommodations at a job, be an effective member of a team, and draft a resume to get that dream STEM job.

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Exploring the Jobs of the Future (JEC)

Exploring the Jobs of the Future: Explore amazing jobs in the STEM field. Identify your strengths and weaknesses, and discover what skills will be valuable as you pursue a career in STEM.

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Self-Advocacy (ISA)

Self-Advocacy: Learn how to advocate for yourself, get accommodations at work and school, when and how to disclose a disability and more.

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Travel Training

Travel Training: Build the skills and confidence to travel to work or for fun on the DC Metro. Become more independent and explore the city wherever—and whenever—you want.

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